Professional management for social media communities

We Are Jumpwire

Since 2009 we have specialized in understanding the crowd dynamics that build strong social media communities to develop brand equity and generate revenue. Yes, you can now make money from social media. Shocking, we know.

Our experience and expertise focuses on social media content creation that develops engagement and creates conversation in your community. Essentially, our job is to manage, "The blah, blah, blah." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

We have specialists on staff who are constantly testing and developing best practices for all social media platforms. They are so 'into it' they don't sleep and it's a problem. We tell them, "Sleep!" They won't. Kids today.

The main platforms we manage for our clients are: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Linkedin, G+, Soundcloud, and Mailchimp. We are also familiar with many of the over 800+ platforms in the social media industry.

We deliver innovative, results-driven social media management and strategies to both Fortune 500 and SME clients in countries all over the world, including USA, Canada, Russia, India, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, and others.

Managing Your Expectations

How we develop and manage your social media community.

We like you. You read tiny writing. On a website. That means you are detailed oriented and thorough. We love clients who are as detailed oriented as we are.

Here's the process when you work with us:
1) We listen and learn about your community.
2) We analyze your social media data. All of it.
3) We build a strategy from the data analysis.
4) We create content from the data. You approve all of it.
5) We poll your community. We ask questions. We test ideas. We create influencer groups. We respond to everything your community says.
6) We look at the data. Again.
7) We tweak, adjust, and develop new content based on the data.
8) We present insights from the data regularly to you and your team.
9) We slowly build trust with you, your team, and your community.
10) We both feel great and you feel comfortable enough to say, "Can you guys go ahead and never use the word 'data' in a meeting again? Thanks."

  • Create Posts

    Build engaging content specific to each platform that explores and heightens the brand.

  • Manage Communities

    Protect and monitor brand pages by constant interaction with the community using proven crowd management techniques.

  • Analyze Data

    Use data from social media to determine how a brand is performing and develop a ‘real-time’ strategy system.

  • Optimize Platforms

    Set up each platform with a 15 point checklist to ensure it functions properly at a high level in the community ecosystem.

Work With Jumpwire

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